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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A hardboiled egg, a floppy disk, a banana, and chocolate

Check out the aforementioned items, aren't they just excellent assistors to studying? I personally think so. I'm at NORLIN right now, working on that damn thesis. If only floppy disks worked everywhere. I know, I know I need to update to those USB thingies but I can't until I get my new laptop. I was shopping this morning before yoga for a Dell Latitude D600, making use of the advice I have recieved from select, computer savvy people I know. We shall see. Earlier today at 1 I had an eventful trip with some young men, a mattress, and a suburban named Betty. It was needless to say, enjoyable. That's all for now! Unless I get suckered into going out tonight. (Highly likely)...


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