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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Too Much Coffee Man Comics

So, I met the man that the character in this comic is based on. He was chubby, bald and peculiar. I hung out with him again at a party a few weeks after meeting him. Incidentally, it was a Halloween party. He let me draw on his perfectly round bald head with sharpie markers. And then he took a picture of the sharpie drawings. Any man that would let me draw on him with sharpies is good in my book. Read the comic below, and others about "Too Much Coffe Man" an Austinite with a bald head.

Learn about the character of Too Much Coffee Man. His opinion of Christmas. Click here, please!

About love, this is fitting for me right now. Click here, please!

The second comic in the second link about love is very, very fitting for me at this moment. Breakups are hard.

Current book I'm reading: Eragon


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