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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things that are acceptable while running, but not elsewhere in life

This blurb is from Cool Running
Woodlands Fit Coach Susan

"Yesterday I was driving and it was hot and I had a fleeting thought that I could just take my shirt off, before I remembered that I am not running and I did not have a sports bra on, lol. I also then started to think of other things that are acceptable while running, but not elsewhere in life:"

"* taking your shirt off
* wiping nose on shirt
* snot rockets, loogies and other bodily functions
* pouring water on your head
* peeing where-ever you can find a place to squat behind
* following a woman for 5k - 10k whatever, while breathing heavily
* wearing band-aids on my nipples
* carrying food in my shorts
* digging around in my shorts for my key
* applying body lube in public
* throwing cups on the street after spilling half the contents down my chin
* taking food from strangers
* picking my bunched up shorts out of my crotch or butt
* Running through business front sprinklers on purpose
* Bending straight over on a street corner
* Exit the finish chute, throw up violently in the nearest bush, then walk over to get some water and a banana -- and you MIGHT get a "You OK?" from somebody. Other than that, no big deal.
* Cheering/clapping as an overweight person runs by (races only, please)
* Stashing water bottles in ditches in 3-mile increments
* -"Showering" using only wet-ones
* waiting in line in front of a bush
* Looking like an astronaut drinking fluids out of a tube
* Taking smelly socks off in front of hundreds/thousands
* carrying enough supplies in your shorts (god bless raceready's!!!) to last you a week in the wilderness
* staring intently at tens of hundreds of barely clad backsides and other body parts
* Rearranging the furniture" in the middle of a crowd"

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