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Saturday, July 08, 2006


So, well, life is not completely FUBAR...somehow I manage to get by and get by looking good, too. Yes, that was a joke. But the following is not a joke:

Recently, death has visited me and my immediate, adopted family. Unexpectedly, which I'm not sure is easier or more difficult. It caught us all unawares. So life has had an exhausting damper on it lately. I cry almost every day over the loss and what that loss is doing to the people around me. Yoga helps. And the love of my adopted family helps, too. I must recognize that I have become far closer with my "adopted" family after this incident, and for that I am overwhelmingly happy.
As JSF says in his most recent novel "Can any good come from your father's death?" The question, I know, sounds so strange. The idea that joy can come out of life and birth is there, right? So I'm going to tip-toe over very carefully to the idea that some joy, if not difficult to find joy, can be found in tragedy. Personally, I find it fascinating that despite tragedy humans are able to still smile and find moments of joy within sadness. A cute girl that I stayed with in Grand Junction, CO highlighted this aforementioned fact to me while I was staying at her parent's house. The idea that all good tragedies flirt with comedy is really very true and obvious. She's right.

So in this short little blog I'm going to focus on the healing and joyful parts of my life lately. Joy can be found in sadness. Thank heaven!
Mercedes and Jessie on top of the Grand Mesa in GJ, COThank you to Jessie for taking Andrew and I up to the Grand Mesa, where the accident happened. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Mercedes and Andrew on top of the Grand Mesa
Thanks to Jess for snapping this adorrrrable photo.

May he rest in peace on top of the Grand Mesa. May he rest in peace in Fort Sam Houston as well.

Current book I'm reading: Tess of the D'Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy
Current song stuck in my head: "Hey Jude" The Beatles


  • At 3:37 PM, July 12, 2006, Anonymous Janet said…

    Hey, Jude, don't make it bad/
    Take a sad song and make it better/
    Remember to let her into your heart/
    Then you can start to make it better/



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