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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

As if we're not made of pure love...

So, today was my last day as a preschool teacher. Change is so inspiring and happy and wonderful, I'm so excited about the current job prospects I have already on my plate! And the extra time I have on my hands to busy myself with.
It was certainly hard to leave my group of children, and I will miss them dearly. However I am ready and bumping around in my seat to move on with my career. Through my job as a preschool teacher, I had the excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with some of Austin's coolest moms (and Dads) ever. Through the connections that I made with these moms, I have found my way into two open job opportunities in my field. I am so fascinated with how brilliantly this bout as preschool teacher has helped me, changed me and allowed me to grow as a person. There were often so many hardships that I had to face, with particularly challenging children, with administrative glitches, and with myself. There were days when I became so frustrated that I was brought to tears. But, there were also days when I was so full of happiness and overflowing with patience and fulfilment. Those are the days I will remember. And I will respect all teachers for having the strength to make it through both kinds of days. I am so happy in this moment, because I feel that I surpassed and completed and surmounted the challenges I faced as a teacher with a ready, willing heart and an open mind. I've always known I was tenacious, but not as tenacious as I have been in the young children line of work. I didn't know I was THAT tenacious. Here's hoping that I will again apply that tenacity towards getting a job with the big paper here in Austin... The Austin-American Statesman!

Interesting quote of the day, from one of my most inspiring yoga instructors, Lauran. I find it a perfect way to end my last day on the job...

"When we are doing forward bends, there naturally is a tendency to look inwards into our bodies and our minds. Often emotions pour out inside of me when I do forward bends. But sometimes, I find that people have a strong hesitation to look inward into themselves. Often in our society we are taught to have a fear of looking inwards and wondering fearfully what we may find. I find this funny, because I believe we are made of pure love. We should not fear that purity and fullness. We should not act as if we're not made of that pure love."

What a wonderful, insightful woman Lauran is. On another note entirely, she has a film coming out soon starring Willie Nelson!

Current book I'm reading: "Women In Love"
Current lifestyle I'm living: The "Free, Unemployed and Loving it" lifestyle! Yoga 2 times a day, yay!


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