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Monday, October 06, 2008

Tri it on Up!

Originally uploaded by rajue.

This past weekend I did something big. Big as in 7 hours big. I gave back to the triathlon community by volunteering at a sponge stop and water stop for Austin's own Longhorn 70.3 - Half Ironman race. I was out there for 7 hours scooping up cups of ice for an amazing amount of triathletes. I heard enough "I love yous" and "you're the bests" and a fun one "you're here, I'm here, let's have ice" to last me the rest of the triathlon season. Which is now over. Next year! It was a lot of fun seeing my friends pass by looking strong and fast. It was such a treat. It pumped me up for my next endeavor after the marathon on November 16th...that endurance endeavor will be the 1/2 Iron sometime next spring or summer. Until then, I'll be running on up those steps in this photo. Working hard, coaching hard, and training even harder! San Antonio Marathon, here I come! 1/2 Iron, I'm coming to get ya, too!


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