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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This past Sunday was a perfect day for running. A slight chill hung in the early spring air as I warmed up alongside of the Austin American-Statesman, anxiously anticipating my first road race of the year. My purple bib number flapped in the air as I jumped up and down to keep warm. Though it was a bit chilly before the start of the race, the sunny, 40 degree temps with no winds were ideal racing weather.

The first mile up Congress was nice and I felt myself warming up just as I was going up the first hill on 11th street. "I love hills" I said, under my breathe as I bounded up. The slew of hills on Enfield felt short to me and I was surprised to find I was not breathing hard as I easily climbed them. I looked down at my watch thinking that I was going slow, but really I think I was going pretty fast. The 3 mile or 5K 1/2 way point came faster than I thought. I think I was at 22 minutes at that point. I still wasn't breathing hard. I realized that meant I had better speed up. And speed up I did to a finish of 45:10. Averaging 7:16 minute miles.

The second half of the race got harder, probably because I was going faster. I began to see some of my Statesman co-workers handing out water and cheering. "Hi friends!" I called to them wistfully as I breezed by and grabbed a cup of water to sip on. I knew I was going fast at that point and I still felt incredible. As we were passing by Austin High School, a very friendly co-worker called to me "just over a mile to go!" and I kicked it in even harder at that point. I remembered that right by Austin High 2 years ago was where I said in my head "I wish I was running the marathon instead of this freakishly fast 10K." Needless to say, I wasn't wishing that I was running a marathon this past Sunday. I was thinking "wow, 10Ks are just like the best distance, the most fun tempo-run ever!" I was 100% happy with my 10K finish. As I crossed the line and looked down at my watch, I saw 45:13. I paused, in shock. Did I really see a 45?!?! 45! The magic number! I did my 10K in 45 minute! "45 FREAKIN' MINUTE!" I called out, to no one in particular. I looked up at the sky, elated, shocked. I had not trained for this. I hardly ran 30 miles per month these past 2 months and my best time came to me. A few happy tears leaked out of my eyes and a huge smile graced my face as I walked through the finishing chute. I saw Des, my idol, talking to some shirtless guy at the finish. It had a feeling she won. I wanted to go up and congratulate her, but I wasn't 100% sure of her win, so I didn't. I walked on and then jogged to the South 1st Street bridge to cool down, cheer on my friends, and stretch.

After collecting my compadres, I headed to the Guaranty Bank Tent to chow on some much needed breakfast tacos, scones and fruit. I chatted with Pam LeBlanc, Tony P, John Bridges and Eddie Burns about their finishes. They all did great!

Later that day I did a 13 mile bike ride. Afterward, someone special treated me to 2 scoops of my favorite Baskin Robbin's ice cream. Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate. THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER!!! I have decided, I only get to eat that ice cream when I PR. Considering I have been addicted since childhood to this particular flavor, I have a lot of work to do so I can keep getting that Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate BR in my tummy on a consistent basis.

In other news, this weekend I am doing my first triathlon of the season. It also happens to be my first Quarter Ironman. Sunday, April 5th is the big day for the Galveston Lonestar Quarter (and Half) Ironman. We'll be swimming .6 mile in the bay, 28 miles on the bike, and a 10K plus on the run. Good luck to friends competing in the New Orleans 70.3 and to all of you who are headed to Galveston for the weekend festivities.

Current book I'm reading: The Dogs of Babel

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