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Friday, January 30, 2009

Girls on Grill: A Welcome to Austin BBQ for my Friend Laura

So, this weekend is going to be big! I'm anxiously awaiting time on the grill.

This will be the second time I have attempted grilling. The last time, BBQ peaches from this awesome website were made and subsequently devoured: http://girlongrillaction.com/2008/03/15/oooooo-peaches-baby-peaches/

Back to the task at hand, though. Grilling. We are grilling to celebrate and welcome my dear friend Laura to the great big city of Austin from Colorado. We went to college together. She just moved here last week and I'm so excited! My good friend Wynne volunteered her yard if I promised to hostess. I love this idea. I jumped on it. And so we are having a good old fashioned back yard BBQ in Laura's honor this weekend.

My favorite Texas beer, Lone Star, will make an appearance. We will all enjoy veggie burgers and some beef (choke it down, so yum) in my friend Wynne's secluded, recently raked backyard haven.

This party is intended to be a come and go and quite relaxed. Here is hoping that it goes without a hitch!

Oh, and to inform you of other recent events: I placed 2nd in my age group at the Frost Yer Fanny Du:

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