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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


INTRO: Here is a report of the wedding I was in last weekend. It is what I enjoy calling a WEDDING REPORT. Yes, I said wedding report and not race report. For those of you who did not know, a wedding report is similar to a race report, which is something that an athlete would write after competing in a race or racing event. It is just as beautiful--ok, maybe more beautiful. Yes, I admit it, a wedding report is definitely more beautiful than a race report.

The Wedding of S and J ~ Waco, TX ~ 10.11.08

S and J's wedding weekend was, in one word--magical. The weekend was stressful, but beautiful. I loved being out at S’s family's ranch house in the country, watching the sun rise from the pink mist and set on the horizon in gold. We ran errands for the wedding all day on Friday and then ate dinner with the extended family Friday night. The next morning we got up at 7 am to get our hair done at a small local salon in the tiny town of less than 9,000 where we ate chocolate covered strawberries and drank mimosas. We then set off to Waco. We went straight to Waco's mall to get makeup done. S's hair was gorgeous in a loose, curly side ponytail with her veil cascading down her back. People simply could not stop staring at her as she got her makeup done for free at the Lancome counter. After S's makeup we headed back to the hotel room. The hotel room was primed with sandwiches, drinks, cookies and candy laid out neatly on the tables. We ate and then S's mom and I helped her navigate the intricately beaded champagne colored dress. I helped S's mom cinch her corset and zip the dress up. The moment S stepped away completely dressed there was a complete change in her. Her mom, her maid of honor and I stood in shock and all of us almost forgot to breathe as we looked at her. I could not believe how stunning S looked that afternoon in the sunlight by the hotel window. Needless to say, the photographer was snapping pictures like nuts.

The wedding itself was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined it would be. It perfectly reflected S's unique, creative, and innovative personality. It also was a perfect reflection of her and J’s love and devotion to each other. The setting was gorgeous on a huge suspension bridge in a public park in Waco and the weather was pristine – not to hot, not too cold and no rain. I have never seen S that happy or that excited. As she was as we were driving up to the bridge for the ceremony the nerves were high. There were some precious moments before the wedding that I felt honored to have shared with S as well...like her and I waiting in the car for the last flower girl to arrive before helping her out of the car for the ceremony :) I can't even tell you how many times "you look SO BEAUTIFUL" popped out of my mouth to S on her big day. I couldn't help it, she was that overwhelmingly beautiful. The sun was setting just as we decided to start the ceremony. The light pink and it shed a pink glaze onto the fall colors of the wedding. White pumpkins with orange roses in them sat the entrance of the bridge. J had tears in his eyes as S walked up the isle with her dad. The ceremony was in both Spanish and English, it was wonderful. The raw emotion in J's voice as he recited his vows in Spanish was evident and touching enough to make me start to cry. The ceremony was powerful.

J hired a surprise mariachi band to play on the other side of bridge during the reception. The mariachis and the gorgeous couple who stayed arm in arm almost the entire night kept the energy high and the feel unique. It did not feel like we were in Texas, it felt like we were transported to some other magical place on that bridge over the water as the mariachis music played and Mr.and Mrs.O stuffed cake in each other's faces. After the toast, the cake, and Julio's bold and provocative removal of S's garter we all laughed and enjoyed seeing the couple so happy. My date and I drank more champagne and looked out at the water together and up at the stars through the rafters of the metal suspension bridge. J’s side of the family sang and danced to the mariachi music and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We sent the couple off with sparklers lining the bridge as they ran into J's white jeep decorated with aluminum cans and a "JUST MARRIED" sign. The happy couple is in Hawaii right now having a wonderful honeymoon on the beach horse-back riding, hiking up to volcanoes and experiencing a traditional Lu'au for the first time.

To commemorate the big event my date and I did a 5 mile run around the same suspension bridge that S and J were married on the day after the wedding...needless to say it was a beautiful run and it capped off the entire, gorgeous wedding weekend. We headed back to Austin and stopped along the way, enjoying the road trip back together and reminiscing on the beautiful experience that we both were fortunate, grateful and blessed to be a part of.

The End.

So I know this wedding report is a bit sappy but I had to write it. I know S will appreciate seeing my rendition of the whole happy event.

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