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Friday, January 02, 2009

Goals and Resolutions: Spin #2 for this week

One of my goals that I started working on BEFORE the New Year was to spin either on my road bike, Fizgig, or in a spin class at least 3 times a week. This week was a bit challenging due to the holiday and my gym having funky hours, but I have almost made it. As long as I go for a bike ride on Saturday or Sunday. I plan on it. I just got new road bike shoes for Christmas as well as new pedals so I’m all set. I just need to get my buddies at Jack and Adams to put them on my bike. So, here’s hoping I find the time to do that this weekend.

And so, back to the reason I posted. I’m proud and I feel great because I just spun for the second time this week. One step closer to my goal!

My first spin of the week was with my special. We did a class at my gym with a guy named Skipper. It was pretty easy for us, which was unfortunate. It was still fun though!

Today I did a class that was supposed to be with one of my new favorite instructors—Zach. To my surprise, the manager of my gym led the class in tight jeans and cowboy boots for the first 10 minutes and Zach made his presence for the second 35-40 minutes. It was an extremely tough class and I was dripping sweat. Zach is a very strange fellow, he slept late and got in trouble in front of the whole class for that. Yet he was pretending to strip off his street clothes to reveal his cyclist kit underneath all while being scorned for not showing up to his class. Very interesting. The class was super tough, too. So I’m really glad I went. Met a guy named Mark and Zach came over in the final sprint of the class and put his hand on my wheel to make it even harder. He really motivates and pushes me, saying things like “you are what you do!” and “you want to leave here feeling like you had a workout, don’t you? Now push!” It seems simple but it really works.

Here’s to New Year’s resolutions and making them happen all year ‘round! That is pretty much my only New Year’s resolutions—to keep setting and achieving my goals until the very last moments of 2009.


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