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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am blessed. Countdown, less than 48 hours, I think. I can't calculate.

heBinaryGoddess: how are you doing?
Hadiebees: Ok
TheBinaryGoddess: im about to head to bed
TheBinaryGoddess: but i saw you got on
Hadiebees: I'm drying out.
TheBinaryGoddess: and i wanted to check on you
Hadiebees: Thanks lady
Hadiebees: it means a lot
Hadiebees: It.........will be turned in Fri morn
TheBinaryGoddess: weoo, you are my friend and i care about you
TheBinaryGoddess: you will suceed and be fabulous, i am sur eof it
TheBinaryGoddess: the universe loves you
Hadiebees: hehehe
Hadiebees: really!?
Hadiebees: you think?
TheBinaryGoddess: yes
TheBinaryGoddess: look at all the people around you and how much they care about you and how well you tend to do at things. if that isnt the universe loving you, what is?
Hadiebees: You sound like Chuck
Hadiebees: Lol, I keep saying that tonight!
TheBinaryGoddess: haha
Hadiebees: THanks for the faith, lady, I really appreciate it.
Hadiebees: Sounding like CHuck is good, mind you
TheBinaryGoddess: haha, i know
TheBinaryGoddess: i have a high shock value
TheBinaryGoddess: once you talk to me, lol
Hadiebees: You do, that's true.
Hadiebees: I like you a lot.
TheBinaryGoddess: awww
Hadiebees: I'm glad we're making the friendship thing work.
Hadiebees: hehe
Hadiebees: Sorry I"m talking like a freak
Hadiebees: I should go
TheBinaryGoddess: well its all mutual, so do awesome as long as your awake tonight!
Hadiebees: I have to go to Kinkos and make copies
TheBinaryGoddess: ai caramba
TheBinaryGoddess: have a nice evening!
Hadiebees: hehehehe
Hadiebees: AYE!
TheBinaryGoddess: night!
Hadiebees: ehehehe sorry espanol
Hadiebees: lader baby
Hadiebees: wow
Hadiebees: lader!!!!!!
TheBinaryGoddess is away at 11:55:03 PM.


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