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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Munchin on asparagus, just thinking...

You know, the prior statement I made today, that should show up below, really upsets me. That's just not true! Life and studying are not bad things! Studying is not a bad thing and life is great. I wanted to be out on the town last night, but I had to work, study, thesis-write, etc. And it is great to study. Libraries are amazing. I wish I was at Frances Loeb Library at Harvard right now. And I just made myself a delicious dinner, and life does not blow. I felt like it was tiresome and tedious last night, because 3 people said they would call me, and I THOUGHT that none of them had. In all actuality, though, all three of them called me while I was either in a screening of Kill Bill Vol 2 or downstairs at Radio 1190. The messages just didn't show up until far later in the evening. To top it off, I had a great day today. The test I was studying for went very well, I cruised Pearl Street paper shops with a friend, and then I enjoyed a great meeting with my Women's Studies group. Granted, it lasted 2 hours, but we talked about some very pertinent issues. Mainly the conflict in Sudan, racism on campus, and also our short film idea for graduation. We're making a tribute film to one of our favorite professors who is retiring this year. It is going to be amazing. I'm so excited. Ok, back to the asparagus Yes, it is truly delicious! (With butter and lime...emm!) Love, love, love!


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