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Monday, February 28, 2005

In the Engineering Building...

This is a scary place to be. In this building dominated by males late at night. The guy next to me on the computer is looking at porn. Disturbing. Oh, good, he left. So as for me in this crazy 24 hour place, I'm finishing my damn damn damn damn thesis. (Think of Stewie saying damn and that's how it sounds in my head). Wow, I'm referencing Family Guy, I must be on crack, either that or I watched some episodes of that show while buzzed last night. Yea, so this bit of work here is a doozy...that's for sure, but I'm almost done. All that I need to do now is draft a conclusion. That part is scaring me almost as much as this vibrating building. Seriously, my chair is vibrating and I have no idea why. Its coming up from the floor! And I'm taking a break right now because I just do not know how to conclude a 60 page mess of material! I know, I know, its probably not a mess, because yes, I am an intellectual and I do know what I'm talking about but its late, and I'm hungry, and I just called in a favor from a friend and was REJECTED. I didn't expect much at 1:30AM. Anyway, so I'm taking a break, and this entry is boring. So I'll spice it up a bit by saying: Sara's birthday this weekend was amazing...she is a dear friend and I'm so glad we went out and celebrated her 21st! And dancing to reggae at 'Round Midnight last night into the wee hours, seeing 2 English majors I know who are also writing one of these damn things, wow, it was worth it. I danced with a fellow-feminist English major to some crazy beats and geez, we were so sexy! Granted, enjoying and celebrating Sara's birthday has put me here, finishing my thesis, however, the dinner at the Med was amazing (I had grilled mahi (medium) on a bed of arugula and olive salad with grapefruit and mashed potatoes) and I can't really see myself spending this past weekend any other way. Well, I can, but that's total fantasy. Yes, the fantasy would be with HIM. My oh my. Oh no! Time to go.


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