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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

...........anticlimactic climax............

So I turned in 60 complete pages of my thesis this afternoon at 4pm. It was amazing walking with that thick stack of warm paper freshly printed from Kinkos. I walked into the Honors office, a little bit proud, a little bit stressed and handed Kimberly Rushing the stack of paper. I sigh and casually ask her "So, who will be reading this draft, then?" And she replies as she takes the huge draft out of my hand "Oh, well, actually, probably nobody. This is just for filing purposes." My jaw drops and I felt like the all nighters I had pulled for the past week had all been for nothing. I turned around slowly, upset that I didn't get something more fulfilling out of the completion of this huge task, and then I stopped. I paused at the door and turned back to Kimberly Rushing and said "Oh, that was just for me then, wasn't it?" And I walked out of the Honors office, into the beautiful Colorado sunshine feeling extraordinarily happy, and I was smiling!

Plus, later I celebrated with some Bova's frozen custard with Jessie K and Carrie. Then I got a new hot pink top. Then I bought Chuck Palaniuk's Invisible Monsters for a reading club I'm in called "Literary Conspiracy." Then I had some wine at a friend's. Then I had boys over late into the evening. They taught me gin rummy, and that also put a smile on my face. Boys are funny. Life is funny. I quite love it.


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