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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Seeing Someone Off...

Seeing Someone Off

Translated by Irving Y. Lo

Dismounting, I offer you wine
And ask, "Where are you bound?"
You say, "I've found no fame or favors;
"I must return to rest in the South Mountain."
You leave, and I ask no more--
White clouds drift on and on.

I had an exciting night out on the town last night in Denver, CO. It made me realize that the nightlife in Denver is worth the trip. Perhaps I'll get another caravan to go down there soon, and perhaps this next time we'll go by bus, because I learned that student govenment pays 1.6 million for us to have those little bus-pass stickers on our CU IDs. Amazing, right? So if this idea sound exciting then YOU, the person reading this I mean, SHOULD JOIN us on the next trek to the big city!
I wish I could post pictures. I am bad, and I need help with this. Someone, PLEASE!


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