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Monday, March 07, 2005

"Maybe I'm kinda a mess then." Hair CUT!!

The Best Pirate Joke in the World, told by anonymous:

"argue, it's driving me nuts!"

I chopped my hair, everyone. My mom's nagging, although infrequent because I do not see her that often, became too much for me. Plus I saw a pictures of myself and felt that the "I don't care its Boulder hippie-long hair look" was just getting a little bit out of control and frayed at the end. I really wonder if this is the only time I can pull off that style, since later in life I might actually have a real job that I have to really maintain my appearance for. I figure I should enjoy it white I can, right? But alas, I will soon have to enter some form of the work force, being that I'm graduating so I guess this is the beginning of the consistent haircuts. It looks fine. If I wasn't illiterate with the posting thing, I'd give you before and after pictures, but once again I'm going to complain on how I suck and I can't do much with computers.

So I'll describe it, in detail. I did a mod squad punk type of 'do. I let Peggy, my lovely hair-stylist, do what she wanted, basically. I told her I still wanted to be able to say that I had long hair and I really like what she gave me out of the deal. She left it so it still hangs below my shoulders. It is still long, and its mid-back. There is some blonde on the ends so its fairly funky and neat, too. And so my bangs are cut at an angle - shorter on the left side, longer on the right. The angle goes down over my right eye. I've been wanting to do this angle for a long time. It works. I feel like a sophisticated hippie instead of a careless hippie now. Great.


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