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Friday, April 29, 2005

For the love of good friends!

For the love of good friends!, originally uploaded by Bee-Butt.

For the love of blogging and for the love of friends, I decided to post this candid photograph. One of 69 very sweet photos that we took, to be precise. This photo is one that constituted a 2 hour long photo shoot with four gorgeous women. A blond, a brunette, a red-head and a dark haired diva to be exact. And no, we were not trying to sounde so hokey-pokey-jokey like that,at least originally we weren't trying to. Needless to say, it was a fun night that started out with zen meditation and ended with some extremely incriminating and extremely sexy photos. I never realized fully how fun it could be with all women!
Please see Carrie's blog for more pictures and details!
Oh yes, and life has been fine! The other night I had the priviledge of hearing Tirzah, Carrie and Jessie participate in a beautiful concert. They sang well! And I'm excited for graduation! The planning of graduation truly was a chore, but I think the tediousness of it is finally over after the last meeting of the Women's Studies Student Advisory Board (WSSAB). So, the final of my final exams are pending, and the papers are looming, but truth is nothing compares to the thesis. So I know I can make it through this, THIS is just the end of a semester! I'm invincible, but not in a creepy Micheal Jackson way, in a Mercedes way. Or maybe, a Mercadero way, as a good friend of mine called me the other day.


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