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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Summer plans! REMINDER: STAY CALM!!!!!


Stay calm, view the link above, and think loudly and proudly "we're almost there!" Repeat. Repeat again for good measure and an added dose of traquility. "Breaaaaathe!" as my yoga teacher, Mahmoud always says. Yes, he says it with drawn out Indian syllables and accents, and it is great.
Oh, there is so much to look forward to this summer, and past graduation. Its quite overwhelming that graduation, and my 22nd birthday is something like 16 days away! Kendell and I figured that out last night. Among other things, like the only difference between animals and humans is humans have an idea of their mortality and that virginity should not be a word or a concept in this world.

Things in the works so far this summer*:

1.) Solid plans for a road trip to Yellowstone and Montana for some major hiking and major geological exploration and buffaloe watching!! With Molly and Carrie around
2.) Solid plans for Miami, FL for the National Women's Studies Association annual meeting! From June 8-12
3.) Tentative Telluride, CO plans during the month of June or Mid-May.
4.) Mega-huge camping extravaganza in the works...yes, you're invited!
5.) Jessie K's graduation dinner, May 7?
6.) Jessica Kovat's Civils and Savages Party celebrating thesis finales on May 24
7.) Amy Mann's graduation party, May 6
8.) Andre Lay's graduation party, May 6 as well.

*If you have a party, an announcement, or traveling plans that you included me in, and I have neglected to list them, please let me know or remind me about them!


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