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Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Do you need a needle and thread? Cuz you're ripped!" ~Erik Christensen

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am FINISHED with my THESIS! And it made me look like THIS!! As a result of finishing
"such an academic achievement" I have grown gigantic biceps. Its from the typing.
In all seriousness. It is done, fin, finished!
Many thanks to the exclusive music, endless supply of chocolate, and consideration from friends of mine like Jeff, Carrie, and JESSIE K, Marci Adams, and Tirzah explicity, I am now finished with my thesis. Thanks also, to the tiger power bars that my aunt, the caterer gave me which sustained me long into the nights...and thanks to Starbucks, Buchanan's, Penny Lane, Espresso Roma and Wild Oats for allowing me to revise and revise and revise my drafts for hours on end in their coffee shops. Thanks for the caffeine addiction, too, guys! Thanks also to my mom and dad for their undying and sometimes overwhelming support. 70 Pages, ya'll!
I can not believe I made it.

And now, an excerpt from my brilliant material, from the conclusion of my thesis, on lesbian autobiography and myth: "It is a celebration of difference, an embracing of love, a bold statement of sexuality and a powerful statement of the lesbian self that serve and sustain not only lesbians, but straight women like myself. Reading and analysing work like this teaches us how the long process of subversion occurs and it teaches us how we can overcome any oppressor or any stagnant literary figure. We can overcome anything." ~Mercedes Elizabeth Orten


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