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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Carrie, Mercedes and Jessie at Honors Recognition Ceremony

I just got back from my first graduation ceremony! Jessie and Carrie surprised me by coming! At this ceremony, I received recognition from the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Chancellor and my family and my favorite professors for my work with the thesis. My dad took this picture of Jessie, Carrie and I after I received my award. If you look closely you can see a green ribbon around my neck, awarding me for my cum laude honors distinction.
I am so lucky to have so many sweet friends and professors that care about me enough to come to this ceremony.
Dr. Anne Marie Pois and Dr. Hase were both there, and so was my favorite, Joanne Belknap!!
My dad hugged me right after I got off of the stage with my award, he started crying and we stood there hugging for a good 2 minutes. I teared up a bit.
Afterward, I went over to say thank you to Dr. Pois and she asked me "was that your dad that you were hugging over there?" And I said "Yes, it was" and she was like "Looks like he's very proud" and I said "Yes, he is...and I love him SO MUCH!!!"
I love you all!!
Now to get ready for the next ceremony at 4pm!! Women's Studies Graduation!!!


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