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Friday, June 12, 2009

Belated Update - Splash 'N' Dash Disaster! -or- At Least I remembered my running shoes!

My second Splash 'n' Dash race was a bit of a letdown last month. Even more of a letdown, I did not sign up for the next one in time. It might be for the best, though. I can do my own amazing brick workout this Tuesday instead!!

Picture this: A sweetly hot, sunny, cobalt blue sky day, sun pouring down on you begging you to get into the water. I attempt to leave work early - 5:00, I end up leaving at 5:08 or perhaps *gasp* 5:09 to get to the Splash 'n' Dash on the third Tuesday of last month. I decide that I am going to try MoPac to Quarry Lake instead of the I-35 to 183 that I have used in the past. I get into my hot car and start driving, already getting nervous about the time. I finally get onto MoPac after traveling through the downtown and it's a parking lot. I sigh and start applying sunscreen in the car in the standstill traffic. Even the weather starts to annoy me. I realize I don't have my goggles or cap. I text my buddy Joe who usually carries a spare pair of goggles and hope for the best. I am frustrated at myself for my lack of planning.

After much more frustration, gridlock, and realizations that I'm so happy that I live Central and I don't have to deal with that parking lot every day, I get to the race site - Quarry Lake. The parking lot is FULL. I park at an office building far away. I am still in my work clothes. It's 5:56 PM. The Splash 'n' Dash starts at 6:00 PM. I still don't have goggles or a swim cap. I start to panic. Bad choice, but I did. I quickly change in the car (don't recommend this on a hot sweaty day) and run over to the check-in. A kind volunteer is there to help me and I'm thrilled at how fast I check in. They provide a cap. Now to get obtain the spare goggles. I run to the start, desperately looking for my buddy Joe. He sees me, hugs me, and points to the goggles on the ground nearby. I'm so lucky to have wonderful, reliable friends and training buddies.

I adjust the goggles and try to relax and get my heart-rate down. I don't know if I was effective in doing that. I start out too fast on the swim, something I have been really good at NOT doing in the past, and I don't sight as much as I should. I end up watching the front of the pack pass me on the right as I was way too far out and close to shore. I then settle in behind them, grumbling to myself about how I need to swim more. I stay with the pack but not as fast as usual. My heart rate feels high still.

I settle in on the run by latching on to a pro racer for a lap. She takes me for a little cruise and then she finishes (I think). I keep going at that pace, or try to. I start to feel down on myself and disheartened. I push through and finish 30 seconds slower than my last Splash 'N' Dash. I was slightly disappointed, but it was nothing that a few Oreos and a veggie hot dog couldn't fix!

Current book I'm reading: Bicycle Magazine, actually.


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