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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I am Graduating Cum Laude in English

I can not believe I'm holding this award in my hand!

Actually, getting the award, honestly, was not all that climactic.

I think there are so many more meaningful things that happened to me while getting through this college experience. You know those moments in your life when you're crying or just really happy and you know you're going to remember that moment forever? Well I had one of those when I walked off stage. My dad came over to me immediately and hugged me for a very long time. He cried the whole time and we hugged like 2 minutes straight. I can honestly say that when I walked off that stage with this green medal around my neck, and my award (pictured), that those things meant absolutely nothing to me. I can honestly say that the hug that my dad and I shared after I got off stage made the tedious and lengthy process of writing the thesis worth it. I love my dad so much.
I'm never going to forget that hug in the Glenn Miller Ballroom. Never.

On to the next ceremony!
Mom and I at Honors Recognition Ceremony


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