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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Currently waiting for a cake to bake...

So this week has been interesting for my mind, to say the least. I've been feeling very inward lately. Like I'm coming into myself, but in a bad way because it is this quiet, creeping feeling that begins to take over sight, sound, and feeling. Like cataracts when the black begins to overcome the sides of the eyes and gradually moves in, creating this window of light amongst primarily black.
It makes me not want to hang out with my good, loving friends and it makes me want to be alone all the time. Being alone is addictive. I've done it a lot this week, too, due to the inward feeling. I climbed South Boulder Peak by myself the other day, and it was a fun, hot challenge. I ate a baked potato on top of the peak and enjoyed the view to it's fullest, by myself. Is that peculiar to like that so much? I do. I need to get past this and turn back to my social ways, maybe the slew of barb-b-que's, picnics, and parties that are going on this weekend all at once will crack me out of this shell. Or maybe it won't. I'll just pretend.

Wow, this is quite possibly the most honest post I've ever put up. Ok, all, love to you and I'm off to my work picnic, bringing a chocolate oatmeal cake that has JUST FINISHED COOKING in the oven!

Current book I'm reading: Marquez "Love In The Time of Cholera"


  • At 5:57 PM, July 17, 2005, Blogger Andrew said…

    ah.... being alone is addictive. it would have happened to me this summer (as it always does) were it not for how cool you guys are. I noticed that you weren't there much for the past week. glad you might be wanting to hang out more often from now on.

  • At 7:19 PM, July 17, 2005, Blogger Jeffrey said…

    oh mercedes! being alone can be good sometimes.. its so nice that you got to go climbing in the mountains...
    I'll chill with you anytime, you know...

  • At 6:29 PM, July 18, 2005, Blogger Carrie Lorraine said…

    Honesty is good right?!?! You know I'm always there to talk if you are feeling like it. Sorry for everything. Love you though and I hope you know that.


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