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Monday, July 18, 2005

The fate of that chocolate cake...

broken glass
Shattered glass.

So, to get back to the warm, yummy, delicious chocolate cake that I was baking during the writing of my last post. It has a very sad end, that poor chocolate cake. After getting lost several times in the car with me, it sat pleasantly on the seat of my car next to me, wafting a delectable smell of warm chocolate. I finally found Waneka Lake, the obscurely located place of my summer work picnics. Excited, I jumped out of the car and grabbed the cake along with a towel under it to prevent burning my hands. Incidentally, the cake slipped gracefully off of the towel and shattered on the pavement of the Waneka Lake parking lot. Smashed to it's end, right before my eyes. I cried. This story is an allegory, or a symbolic expression of what my entire weekend was like. Often I was tempted by the sweet smell of an event to come, only to have it smash dramatically before my eyes. Like the cake, shattered glass. Humiliation. Shattered glass. Stress. Shattered glass. Frustration, and again, I see the picture of my cake that I painstakingly baked before the picnic smash before my eyes. Many humiliating things happened before my eyes this past weekend, and I have yet to get over them.

Current book I'm reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, among others.

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