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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Written January 6, 2007 - When I was shocked I could do 16 miles. HA!

So I'm laying here still tired on my bed from the run that took me 3 hours this morning. I began at like 8 or so and ended at 11am. I feel great; just tired. No aches or pains! I'm very proud, this is the furthest distance thus far (this was January 6, 2007, BEFORE THE MARATHON) I have ever ran and I thought you guys might like to check out the route on this awesome road-measuring website called www.gmap-pedometer.com I ate a TON during this run at the three water/food stops that my running group put together. They had bananas, cooked potatoes with lots of salt on them, goo, cliff blocks (which were surprisingly GOOD tasting) gummy bears, and lots and lots of cookies. I preferred the fig newtons!! After the run even though I wasn't hungry I hate MORE. It is so weird not worrying a thing about what I'm eating and just chowing down until I'm packed and too full. I ate out at Guerro's Taco bar with a friend this afternoon at 2:30, it was a good time. This resturant we dined at just happened to be Bill Clinton's favorite haunt when he came to Austin. I ordered "El Presidente" and shared it with my companion. I ate ALL of my share. I need to eat more now to make up for the 2,000 calories I probably burned during this run. Here it is:


Current book I'm reading: Who knows. Running for Fiends, probably.

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