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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rainy Daze

After Party
Originally uploaded by dElay.

I do not own an umbrella. If I did, though, I would hope that it would look something like this one. I could only hope that additionally I could be snuggling with someone under that umbrella either drinking something warm or something bubbly, like beer.

Lately I have laid off the alcohol because it is detrimental to my running performance. However, I will make many exception, especially for beer.

And if it's raining outside, I've already ran, and I need carbs then what better reason to have a beer!

So I just thought this photo was neat. The girls are cute. They are in Dublin. It has been raining like crazy this past week, thereby preventing me from planning a birthday weekend swimmin' hole getaway at Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, TX. But I don't let a lil rain get me down, I run right through it. And then enjoy being soaking wet.


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