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Monday, July 27, 2009


I met an interesting guy the other night who goes by the nickname of Padre at the Jack and Adam's Tour de France Party. This guy said that he used to train for triathlon all the time but stopped out of boredom for several years. He has recently taken up the sport again, naturally, but of course I started asking more pointed questions about why he stopped (and started again).

I started talking to him about how I felt I could *NEVER* get bored with training. I told him I always have friends around before, during and after the runs and the rides. And those friends are so fun-loving and energetic that they have the stamina to not only work out hard but also hang out late into the night watching the tour or sipping vino and celebrating a birthday or special occasion. They make it fun for me.

From this conversation I began to realize that I am a huge social exerciser. I love going and doing a 10 miler or heading out on my road bike, Fizgig. But I rarely do these things solo. The fact of the matter is I almost never train alone. Part of the reason I think that I usually am training with folks is I coach. The other part of the reason is I have so many friends that I absolutely LOVE to train with.

My friends motivate me. They keep me honest. They push me to go harder. They hold me accountable.

But the question is, would I get bored like Padre did if I didn't have my training buds? Would I drop out of triathlons and stop training if I didn't have someone right beside, in front or behind me pushing me on?

I really started thinking hard about it. Could I go solo? I'm thinking about trying it.

My friend Joe said that Friday night he went on a long bike ride solo with no goal, no time limit and no predetermined route. He went solo. I found myself envious of this, if solely because he found it on his own. What a healthy workout, you know? I think that Joe and Padre might get along.

I look forward to finding more routes solo in the near future. I look forward to doing some great, long, open water swims this week at Barton Springs. By myself. We'll see if I can schedule this in...


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