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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Best Night of our Lives

"I'm almost 99.9% sure that tonight is going to be the best night of our lives" ~Andy Martin

"Woodpeckers? Yeah, you want to know what I do with those asses? Pull a Colt 45 on that b*stard when it is pecking on my house and blow that mother f*cker outta the sky, burn that annoying piece of sh*t out of my yard" ~Matt, not my roommate

Ah, the Boulder Life. The best time of my life, as Andy says. How right on he is, or how right he could be...
Today consisted of finishing work at 7am, doing laundry, enjoying lunch with Ruba and Carrie (bread aka "carb" bowls as they call them), movies, bank, grocery store to buy food for dinner tonight, two different library visits, dinner with cool people at Jessie K's place, Redfish with Carrie, Erik Christensen, Vincent, my sister Mackenzie, her boyfriend/my friend Charles Stickles...then random people we ran into like Joseph, Charles G..etc. RedFish, ah, the Wednesday hot spot. I miss the old RedFish crew like I miss having sand between my toes in Mexico. RedFish always delivers though, it is the key to having the best night of your life, apparently. Afterward we had ice cream, it was delicious. Ice cream on a rainy day is like Virginia Woolf in an Engineering classroom, it just doesn't belong but it feels oddly comfortable and relevant when you try it out.

This weekend is either going to be extremely busy and wild or extremely calm and interesting. I have the choice to:
a) Stay in CO and do "normal things" like go see Last Exit and Company on Friday, visit my brother's open house party on Saturday, go to Sushi on Sunday
b) Trek or carpool to Utah with a bunch of men I barely know (but trust) to camp, backpack and be crazy.
I don't know which, any recommendations? a or b? Please!


  • At 1:31 PM, May 13, 2005, Blogger Jessie "Me" K. said…

    hmmm... well both are good. however, the selfish part of me wants you to hang around. however, i bet youll have more fun going off cavorting. so do b. b/c its the foundations of memories. :-)


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