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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Birth-day to...

Carrie! Happy Birthday to Carrrie! Happy Birthday my dear, Carrie, Happy Birthday to yooooooou!

The big 22! The palendrome! The special age!

Thank goodness for July 19th, 1983 because without it there wouldn't be Carrie!

Here's to a good year! To a girl who I have great times with...see?

Meo and Cla

PC300376 (2)
New Year's with you! 2005!

carrie and mercedes (2)1
Partying with you!

halloween and stuff 007

Ahh! Good concert memories!

1980! Wait, no 2005!!

Peace, baby
Good times, girl.

50 yard line, baby
And ending with the 50 yard line, baby!

Special, isn't it? Happy Birthday, Carrie!


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