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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Civil and Savage Bash

Jessie Kovats Party Pic I was a savage last night. I hope I proved my worth. This party was everything I expected from my gorgeously perfect friend, who also wrote her English Honors thesis. I went solo, so I forced myself to chat with the wide array of people that were at this bash in North Boulder. The food was scuptious, the hot tub bubblin', and Jessica, aka Jessie was definitely a fellow savage, but great, hostess.
Witness below a sample of her brilliance. Maybe pictures will be posted soon. I don't know how crazy they are going to look.
The description of the party...written prior to the party, but surprisingly it contained an immense amount of accuracy as to what the true bash was like:

"Welcome to the Wright Bros (& Girl) House for the first annual CIVIL & SAVAGE party. Inside lies the mansion of Civility, a veritable bastion of high-brow delights, mini-quiche, martinis and manhattans. Bump elbows with society's leading Haute Couture, experience the grandiloquent mini-quiche, and partake in a viewing of the Bond movie "Die Another Day" plus other cavalier confabulations. Suggested dress code: tuxes & gowns, or as near black tie as you've got: interview attire may gain admission. After all, the world is your oyster... OR OUTSIDE: For all you rapacious beasts: leave the tuxes and gowns where they lay: venture outside for a paradise of hedonistic savagery...if you dare...complete with a heat-controlled K-Y lube wrestling pit (a la Old School). Partake in infamous yet scrumptious cocktails: The Squashed Locust, The O.B. Gin, The Broken Cherry Repair Kit, and the BM (Bloody Mary, for you dirty beasts) Bar. The Beastie (aka Jessie) will be administering Jello shots for the truly luscious, as well as miscellaneous cannibal treats. PLUS: Witness Jeffrey Loy's "The 60-cycle HUM," a Kreider special propane-powered sculpture that was exhibited at Burning Man 2003 and remains in the estate collection (until the neighbors stage an armed revolt or send their mercenaries)...and of course the hot tub. Suggested Wardrobe: Recall Amazonia? (women may leave right breast intact, sub men only) Tarzan? (loincloth) Cave Man? (big clubs, not much else) Hot tub attire (need more be said?). Use your imagination! Please RSVP detailing IN/OUT preference and bring any special elixirs you wish to share with fellow fauna or wallflowers." ~Miss Jessie Party Invite, sheer brilliance!

I brought daisies for the savage hostess. She loved them! I wore a leopard print mini 80's dress and bound my legs and arms with black material. I also tied myself by the neck. I also wore my bikini under it so I could just slip out of the dress and hop into the hot tub. Such savagery, and such fun!!

Jessica and Erik...in front of the KY PIT!


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