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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Of Montreal

Of Montreal/mannequin makeout/Mr. Baseman concert was amazing! People made ROOM for Kendall, Carrie, Tirzah and I to dance in the front of the Bluebird Theater. We danced wildly and awesomely, pictures to come soon!
It was really too bad the the Bluebird forced all of the under-agers to the balcony. It felt so segregated and we were unable to hang out with our underage friends, Jessie K and Jordan. Afterward though and the next day we all got to chill.

On the way back from the concert I was in the car with Scott, Tirzah and Kendall. Scott was driving and Tirzah sang my favorite Of Montreal song...it follows, it is called "Springtime is the Season"

the summer's good for tulips, though pansies disagree
they find the heat most distasteful, and humidity
far too grand to stand up tall or bargain with the bees
they prefer to droop and mope and wait for autumn's breeze
wait for autumn's breeze
the autumn's good for pumpkins, though apples don't approve
the trees that they've been living on now forces them to move
and rudely lets them fall and sends them quick to their demise
without so much a "bon voyage" or even a "goodbye"
even a "goodbye"
the winter's good for penguins, though brown bears must object
when talk comes to the joys of winter, they must interject
hibernating in the snow just isn't where it's at
'cause sleeping makes you skinny, and we bears like to be fat
we like to be fat
springtime is the season where everyone's a friend
loneliness and desperation both come to and end
no matter how you died through winter, in spring you're born again
your life might not be going good, but spring helps you to pretend
it helps you pretend, it helps you pretend
(good job, boys, well done)

at night trees aren't sleeping
everything is falling apart, yes I am
watching me watch birds watch people
watching me watch birds watch people
I wear my bowtie to bed
'cause I'm waiting for the gorgeous young man
hiding in the spaces that darkness hides gorgeous young men
everything is falling apart, yes I am
watching me watch birds watch people
watching me watch birds watch people
we're only waiting here to die
at least let me put my arms around you
why try to keep it from myself, when it feels so good to sing about love?
everything is falling apart, yes I am

The night was so amazing I wish you were there. Really.


  • At 10:14 AM, June 02, 2005, Blogger NRRT said…

    Sounds like a cool concert. Is Of Montreal the band with the two celloists? Because they totally rock. Otherwise the song you liosted is also very interesting.

  • At 12:05 PM, June 02, 2005, Blogger Mercedes said…

    The band with the two celloists is Matson Jones. You are right, they rock! Mannequin Makeout is playing with them on June 11 in Ft. Collins, unfortunately, I can't go I'll be in ORLANDO!! Yea, so Matson Jones rocks, and so do Of Montreal. The song I posted is my absolute favorite by Of Montreal, which is a totally new band to me.


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