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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Emma Rose...aka Ema Rosa and the Bike Conundrum

"We are having Scottish weather! Ah the mists, the fog! How can you not fall amorous victim to such dramatic persuasion" ~Emma Rose Miller

So today is stormy and misty. I went for a walk this morning in it and enjoyed the hundreds of little droplets of rain that speckled on my glasses. I took deep gulps of the crisp air, and took off my sweater to allow the chilly winds to run up my spine. This cool weather is divine. After having so many days of upper 90 degree weather, this "Scottish Weather" as my friend Emma calls it truly is something that a person can fall in love with. Emma Rose is leaving in less than a month to go to graduate school in Glasgow, Scotland So she needs to be in love with days like this! As do I, because I plan on visiting her! Frigid!

In other news, I locked my beautiful Trek 820 on CU campus yesterday. I had a meeting with a friend on campus, I locked my bike up, and then miraculously I lost my U-lock bike key. So, my bike is now stick to a rack on campus. I'm sure you are all thinking, well, Mercedes, you can pick U-locks with bic pens, no problem! Well, a friend of Vincent's, Sam, and I tried that for about 20 minutes with no luck whatsoever. He has tried relentlessly and to no avail with his own bike which is locked to a pole near his apartment complex. I'm thinking either Sam and I were just not skilled at this thievery or this proclamation is impossible. See for yourself on this video Can you pick a U-lock? If any of you learn how and can help me with my stranded bike, please let me know!


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