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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Leland and I in CO Springs
Leland and I in Colorado Springs, headed to the Mate Factor, the best coffee/mate shop in Colorado!

I'm picking up Leland in Sterling, CO today! He is coming for a weekend visit. I haven't seen him since my birthday, so it will be great to hang out and be with my little brother again. We're going to a Rockies game, to waterworld and who knows where else. I'm picking him and girlfriend up after I get off work at 6:30 today. Vincent might be coming with me for the drive, and when we get there we're going to go out to dinner at a little local cafe Sterling, CO. My dad says that traveling new places (I've never been to Sterling) is a way to broaden and further understand your life experience. I agree. I'm so excited to see Leland! And hopefully I'll be back in Boulder in time to hang out at Tirzah's bye-bye bash. Toshi was right when I was chatting with him on the phone yesterday "everyone's leaving and it is going to be so lonely in Boulder with all of my friends gone!"

Current book I'm reading: Harry Potter 6
Current song stuck in my head: "Grease Lightning'"


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