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Monday, January 29, 2007

21 days to go and counting...

Twenty one days until the marathon on February 18, 2007!

And I ran 22 miles this weekend with the help of my running group, AustinFit. I love Austin because by the end of the 3hours and 58 minutes of running 22 miles, the sun was shining warm and my body was humming. There is no place I would rather be right now. After running, I protein-loaded with my running group at Freebirds Burritos and then I took a nice, freezing cold healing dip in Barton Springs Pool. There was no one at the pool, and it was 70 degrees outside!

So, today, with 21 days until the marathon, I have begun thinking about my next endeavor. This one is going to take a lot more dedication and a lot more work. Just as I've always wanted to do a marathon, I've also always wanted to do a triathalon.

My friend at work suggested and prodded me just a teeny tiny bit and wants me to try to compete in this one: http://www.captextri.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=11&Itemid=12

So, I'm thinking about it. I'd have to buy a nice bike though, and those are like thousands of dollars and I don't know a thing about them! So this will take quite a bit more thought than the marathon goal. As far as that one goes, after 22 miles, I feel like I'm almost there. In fact, I'm only 3.2 miles and 21 days away from there!

Current book I'm reading: Allen Ginsberg's Journals

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Girl in human sling shot

Girl in human sling shot at millionaire's home in Utah. I love this. I wish it was me.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year and Ravioli Making on Christmas Eve!

Happy New Year!!!!
Happy New Year! Wynne, my wonderful room-mate and I at First Night Austin, an alcohol free art festival downtown on New Year's Eve. Cheers!

And now, for the promised Christmas Eve Ravioli making pictures...

The many parts of a Christmas Eve Ravioli Meal
The beautiful ingredients for my family's recipe of Ravioli. All courtesy of Mandola's Italian Market! (They have delicious wine and food there, too! Check them out!)

Wynne Cutting it UP!
Wynne is very good...at cutting up prosciutto and provolone cheese. She almost did it as well as my Grandpa does every year. (Of note, his chopping does come out more symmetrical, however, it takes him about 6 times longer to cut it all up)

Me making the Ravioli Filling
Making the ravioli filling. Look at that parsley! That ricotta! Yum! And look at that buff girl there, oh yea wait, that's me!

My friend Debi and Wynne had the same outfit on.
The party poopers: Very satiated people who have matching hair, sweaters, skin colors and jeans. Oh and socks, too.

My friend Sarah and her crazy hyper Cruz
More pooper guests: Sarah O and her hyperactive little pooper, Cruz. I LOVE this child. He's a fast runner. (We didn't let him run in the house, don't worry, I will say to the memory of my Grandma Irene.)*

Current book I'm reading: Mine again.

Current song stuck in my head:
"Theirs is to win / If it kills them / They're just humans / With wives and children"
That show, that song as The Flaming Lips performed it at Austin City Limits, was incredible. It just came onto my pandora.com randomly and I loved it.

*My Grandma Irene fought with ovarian cancer and lost the battle in 1993. One of the things I remember her saying to me most as a child was "No running in the house!" Needless to say, being around Cruz's age at the time, my cousins and I had to be told many many times what NOT to do. We were NOT to run inside! Ironically, I am a running freak now. Maybe my Grandma Irene would appreciate that irony. If only grandparents would spend more time telling their grandchildren what they SHOULD do...if only I knew what I should do now...Grandma? Dream visit, please?
I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.