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Monday, February 28, 2005

In the Engineering Building...

This is a scary place to be. In this building dominated by males late at night. The guy next to me on the computer is looking at porn. Disturbing. Oh, good, he left. So as for me in this crazy 24 hour place, I'm finishing my damn damn damn damn thesis. (Think of Stewie saying damn and that's how it sounds in my head). Wow, I'm referencing Family Guy, I must be on crack, either that or I watched some episodes of that show while buzzed last night. Yea, so this bit of work here is a doozy...that's for sure, but I'm almost done. All that I need to do now is draft a conclusion. That part is scaring me almost as much as this vibrating building. Seriously, my chair is vibrating and I have no idea why. Its coming up from the floor! And I'm taking a break right now because I just do not know how to conclude a 60 page mess of material! I know, I know, its probably not a mess, because yes, I am an intellectual and I do know what I'm talking about but its late, and I'm hungry, and I just called in a favor from a friend and was REJECTED. I didn't expect much at 1:30AM. Anyway, so I'm taking a break, and this entry is boring. So I'll spice it up a bit by saying: Sara's birthday this weekend was amazing...she is a dear friend and I'm so glad we went out and celebrated her 21st! And dancing to reggae at 'Round Midnight last night into the wee hours, seeing 2 English majors I know who are also writing one of these damn things, wow, it was worth it. I danced with a fellow-feminist English major to some crazy beats and geez, we were so sexy! Granted, enjoying and celebrating Sara's birthday has put me here, finishing my thesis, however, the dinner at the Med was amazing (I had grilled mahi (medium) on a bed of arugula and olive salad with grapefruit and mashed potatoes) and I can't really see myself spending this past weekend any other way. Well, I can, but that's total fantasy. Yes, the fantasy would be with HIM. My oh my. Oh no! Time to go.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Oh, the irony

I fell asleep working on my thesis at the 24 hour Starbucks! How ironic is that! The bastion of caffeine and wild, drug induced hyperactivity could not keep my eyes open tonight! It was only repeated phone calls from Carrie, Jessie K. and various other sweet, fun, drunk people that eventually woke me up. I had promised to pick them up from their escapades, so I drove to pick them up, and now here I am. Its time to sleep. I need to wake up early to go to the library, and then head off to work from 12:30-9.

http://www.starbucks.com/retail/nutrition_beverage_detail.asp This is what I had. Obviously, this was not designed to keep me awake, but I still had to bask in the irony of it all...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wild nights, stressful days...

So I decided to reward myself last night. I was very proud to have completed almost 25 pages of my thesis in 5 days, and so as a break in the tedious work, I decided to go out at around 10. I visited Chad, aka the Frog at Radio 1190 and listened to some ultra cool grooves like some remixed Bebel Gilberto (my favorite!!). As I was leaving radio 1190, contemplating what I was going to write further on my thesis after the short break at 1190, I was bombarded by the likes of Carrie and Erik Christensen, who pulled up to the UMC and said "we're ready to go, Mercedes!" so I made a quick decision and hopped into the car with them. At that point, I got a lot of gruff from Erik for not calling him, not hanging out, etc...but I explained to him my situation with the thesis and that seemed to appease him. I explained how the only thing that has been in my head lately is feminist theory and the theory of the flesh. Well, and that opened another whole can of worms...had to "flesh" out a lot of theory for Erik on the spot. I think he enjoyed the explanation I gave, especially the part about vaginas...
Anyway, so we headed to the RedFish, my favorite bar in Boulder, and we danced the night away. Really shakin' it. It was GREAT! (If I learn how to post pictures, and I will someday, then you could see...) By 2, I wasn't ready to call it a night, so I suggested Jimmy John's and we headed over there. Good subs, I had the #9 a la the wonderful suggestion of some nice young buck that I know. (He recommended it, and it is good, seriously).
And then! The night was over. I passed out soon after 4 AM. Lovely.
Woke up the next morning, got ready to go to class.
Class, and then some meetings. I'm on the WMST advisory board, and we're apparently planning graduation. Yes, the flowers, the invitations (any suggestions?!), the food, the whole bit. Our plan was to have an all-female mariachi band play, since the WMST graduation is on Cinco de Mayo. Unfortunately, though we couldn't find a band that had solely females. A compromise was created, though! The band we found had 3 guys and 4 women...my justification for choosing them: "If the women dominate the men, then that's just fine!" check them out: http://www.mariachivasquez.com/ the "meet the group" page is especially hilarious and great!!!
So yes, after the meeting I headed home to be greeted with a Pita from Pita Pit (thanks Carrie!) and a couple phonecalls from some close friends.
Ok, now its off to Kinkos, then to Sara Bosik's to drop off 45 pages for her to proof (yesss! Thanks goodness for friends like SARA!!), a book I borrowed from her and a few other things...
Much love, all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

From the English Co-ed Frat's Website

A few of my friends from the English Department have tried to get me to join Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Frat on campus. I've never felt the need, but after reading this quote on their new website I have to admit I was intrigued for about 5 seconds. I almost joined, I had a mild inclination due to this quote for about 6 seconds:
"I read," I say. "I study and read. I bet I've read everything you read. Don't think I haven't. I consume libraries. I wear out spines and ROM-drives. I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it." My instincts concerning syntax and mechanics are better than your own, I can tell, with all due respect. But it transcends the mechanics. I'm not a machine. I feel and believe. I have opinions. Some of them are interesting. I could, if you'd let me, talk and talk.--David Foster Wallace, "Infinite Jest"


This probably just resonates with me because I'm going crazy reading am intense amount of theory of gender, theory of autobiography, theory of the flesh, and of course, on myth because that is what my thesis is centered around. Yes, wow.

John was a sweetheart last night!

John, the 93 year old I take care of, was a doll last night. Really brightened my week. He smiled at me so many times, and even suggested I read an article in the Daily Camera about centenarians of Boulder. See (http://www.webster.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=centenarians) and (http://websearch.dailycamera.com/bdc/web/searchResults?site=BDC&searchType=site&searchString=centenarian&GoSearch.x=11&GoSearch.y=11) for details. John is excellent, I love him!
That, and I have 41 pages DONE of my thesis, and my thesis advisor is ready and willing to read my current draft. I've been editing since 6 AM over breakfast so I could email her a "nice" draft, and I think I accomplished that task, so now, I think I will sleep. No yoga at 10:30 today, I'll do it later. I'm more flexibe in the evenings, anyway.

And wow, do I want to change this web address. I need some inspired ideas, though. All my inspirtation and energy is currently flowing into my thesis, which I hope to write 25 more pages of by the end of the week. That's a little steep, I know, but my thesis advisor calls me tenacious and by god I'll live up to such a compliment any day!

Monday, February 21, 2005


WOW, I heard some corny line from a Blink 182 song a few years back that 'nobody likes you when you're 23' I guess this young man has taken the cake for proving BLINK 182 unrefuteably and undeniably wrong. Gracious, I am such a GEEK!

Good thing that I can edit these.

Another fun-filled evening

Another exciting evening and day of writing and revising the thesis. This damn damn thesis. I'm regretting my decision to gain that honors distinction with every bit of analysis I type. Though I do get excited with it at times, and feel like I'm getting somewhere, I don't know if the ends will justify the means. (Is that the saying?) I spent most of my evening canvassing through a huge, green anthology entitled: "Companion to Literary Myths, Heroes, and Archetypes." Companion, for sure, it really put some beef into my thesis. Speaking of beef, and beef sticks I found this particular anthology in a very conspicuous area of the library. This area has a reputation, or so I've heard. Anyway, I'd rather not explain fully what I mean, because it would be just too terse and far to vulgar for me. Perhaps another day, or ask me in another setting, not this blog.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

There we have it (crossing my fingers, yes, while typing to see if this works...)

A hardboiled egg, a floppy disk, a banana, and chocolate

Check out the aforementioned items, aren't they just excellent assistors to studying? I personally think so. I'm at NORLIN right now, working on that damn thesis. If only floppy disks worked everywhere. I know, I know I need to update to those USB thingies but I can't until I get my new laptop. I was shopping this morning before yoga for a Dell Latitude D600, making use of the advice I have recieved from select, computer savvy people I know. We shall see. Earlier today at 1 I had an eventful trip with some young men, a mattress, and a suburban named Betty. It was needless to say, enjoyable. That's all for now! Unless I get suckered into going out tonight. (Highly likely)...


I just would like to post this phrase, and this phrase alone: CHANTICO IS AMAZING! GO GET IT AT STARBUCKS IMMEDIATELY!

Wow, this is geeky. I probably should not have a blog. I'm too random. GET FOCUSED, MERCEDES! THEY WANT A ROUGH DRAFT OF YOUR THESIS IN 10 days!

TEN! And you have 30 pages to go! OH NO!

Friday, February 18, 2005


I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.