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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I love being a feminist! And this Tina Fey clip is amazing. Please watch. "Bitch gets stuff done!" "So what would be bad about having two intelligent people in the White House helping solve problems?" That is a good question.

I've been yelling Hillary Clinton 2008 for too long to change now.

Current book I'm reading: Marianne Williamson "The Gift of Change"

And I just have to say, Hillary is the more experienced one. And this youtube vid of one of her campaign ads is awesome and hilarious at the same time. Check it out.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Marathon is Here. Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mercedes after Austin ATT 2007

The big day that I have been training for over the past year is here. I am not at 100%, but I am still going for that BOSTON QUALIFIER. Not only that, I'm going for an amazing experience, that only a fellow marathoner can really understand. Interested in understanding? Contact me and I'll show you how.

Inspiration for the marathon...wow, click me, click me!

And another thing, I'm going to rock. Here is what will drive me to the finish line. The number one thing would be love, then, each of these affirmations...

Positive Affirmations of Mercedes Orten, marathoner, future Boston Qualifier

I am capable of anything.

My friends and family will love me, support me, and cheer me on no matter what.

I will cheer me on no matter what.

I am fast.

I am strong.

I will endure, I am an endurance athlete.

*I am a runner. I am a marathoner*

I will make it to the finish line and be proud no matter what my finishing time.

I will take my body to this finish line and many more finish lines after this!

I am my own hero and I've seen her in the mirror for the past 24, going on 25 years. I will see her again on Sunday morning, and she will achieve.

Current book I'm reading: The book inside my mind as it goes over 26.2 miles.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Note to Self - Visit Coffee Shops, Enjoy Life to the Fullest

A Brief Review of 7 Coffeehouses that I like in Austin, TX

1.) Bouldin Creek aka Cafe Caffeine: South 1st Street. This place speaks Austin to me. In case some of you didn't know, Austin has a language all its own and Bouldin Creek is one of the few places that screams this language and whispers it at the same time. The mismatched tables, the creative, vegan and vegetarian food menu, the extremely inventive and delicious coffee go unmatched in my mind. Nothing makes me feel more at home in Austin than a trip to Bouldin Creek with a good friend. Every Austinite needs visit. The people are inviting, the atmosphere is homey, and it’s comfortable enough to do just about anything - chat, catch up, intellectualize, sip delicious depth charge coffee, and read. Or, if you’re lucky, like I was on my last visit, you could have a conversation with the infamous fashionista of Austin known as Leslie.

2.) Austin Java: Barton Springs Road. Good coffee, lots of athletes. My kind of place! The last time I was there I had a conversation with the guy that won the EAS 10 miler Run for the Water. He kind of cut in on my conversation with a friend, actually. My friend Jodi and I were talking about the 10 mile loop of Town Lake while waiting in line for our lattes. We had just done a 12.5 mile run and were saying something about 10 miles when he suddenly cut in with this: "I really love the 10 miler, it's my favorite distance" and then magically we were in a conversation with him. It was a good experience in a funny way. My running group, Austin Fit, always meets at this shop after our runs, so it is a very familiar and great place of memories and fun for me. The food isn't bad, either!

3.) The Green Muse: Oltorf and South 1st. Nestled back next to Pizza Patron. Its unobtrusiveness speaks to its charm. This is a great place for studying, sitting up with a book, quiet or intellectual conversation, or writing.

4.) Dominican Joe's: On Riverside and Congress, near the Freebirds. Good overall coffee. This is more of a place I frequent because it is nearby my workplace. Worthy of a visit though!

5.) Joe's Coffee: Congress. Hip place to pass by on the street and a great place to people watch. I am not overly impressed with the coffee or the espresso.

6.) Hot Mama's Espresso Bar: East 6th Street. Amazing espresso, I've never tasted anything like it! It's a shame I don't stop by there more often, I love the coffee and the cozy atmosphere. Its location in the now hip east side makes it even more attractive and fun to visit.

7.) Ruta Maya International Headquarters: 3601 S. Congress Avenue. This is a great place for poetry listening. Plus, it has a great bar. I have yet to try the coffee, however, I have heard it is wonderful. This is a very community oriented coffee house and I appreciate their free yoga classes and free dance classes with the purchase of a drink! What better way to stimulate a community than to draw people together for the sake of knowledge with free classes.

8.) Spider House: 2908 Fruth Street. A student oriented coffee shop just north of campus and tucked into the scenery in such a way that you could never imagine it not being there. The small, private tables and secret nooks and crannies make it ideal for studying, writing, thinking or having quiet conversation. I love it. It reminds me of Bouldin Creek aka Cafe Caffeine, my favorite coffee shop in Austin but has a more studious, private feel that I really enjoy.

9.) The Hideout: Congress, near the Capitol building. This suave, downtown coffee joint has a very uptown feel. Woody insides make it feel homey and good for studying. The high ceilings make it feel uptown and classy. The coffee seems acceptable, I don't go there very often, but when I have, I have enjoyed it.

Coffeehouses that I still need to visit!

1.) Garden District Coffee House: In SoCo. It’s right next door to The Great Outdoors. People who love the smell of dirt and coffee should flock to this place. Unfortunately for me, I am one of those people who enjoy both smells and I Haven’t been there yet! It’s a shame!

2.) Progress Coffee: 2304 E. 7th Street. This, I have heard, is another great, newly hip addition to the East side complete with cute outdoor tables and reportedly good coffee and smoothies.
3.) Summermoon: 3115 S. First St. This cute shop is in SoFo. I should visit it soon!

4.) 360 Primo: 9828 Great Hills Grail Suite 120. This place is right next to TJ Maxx, but apparently has a European flair. I'm interested.

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I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.