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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is this art? New Orleans folk seem to think so...

I find it very interesting that some of Todd Goldman's pieces are selling for 2 million a piece in a gallery in New Orleans. He is a recently popular "pop artist" that I've been hearing buzz about for some time. Both my parents and Keisha were not really impressed when they visited his gallery in New Orleans.
Even though I was initially attracted to this particular piece because of the great title (Boys Are Stupid, Thorw Rocks At Them), I had a hard time appreciating it. Take a look at his work. What is your opinion? What constitutes art? Check out some of this work on art.com and leave a comment...

*** Added Note: It is obscene of me to talk about New Orleans and not mention the devastation by flooding and the recent horrible weather their old city has experienced. Maybe one day, according to a crazy close friend of mine, we will be able to control weather distasters like this one, but until then, my thoughts are with all of the people who are down south there in New Orleans.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How it feels to be "Homeless..."

It actually feels great to be "homeless" and out of Boulder. That's what my mom calls me, "homeless." I just feel so liberated. Like finally I can do whatever I want, when I want, and why I want, and how I want. All these options have suddenly opened up and there is nothing standing in my way.
And I am so excited to begin roaming around the country again, the month hiatus from travel has did me in. I know I'm spoiled in that I have a flexible, somewhat well paying job and people to visit across the US. I feel guilty sometimes for having such advantages. But, I figure this is one of the few times in my life where this kind of roaming is acceptable, and I'm going to take full advantage of it. I'm going to continue to spoil myself, thank you very much!! I'm off to Austin tomorrow morning after my overnight at work to visit a good friend. And I get to meet up with Claire, who is down south right now visiting her parents! So it is going to be a double whammy of a trip! I will hopefully be able to write about it, too!!
Then, when I return I will probably go up to Vail to stay in my cousin's empty apartment. After that trip en las montanas, I hope to go to to LA and SLO, CA. I'm ecstatic about SLO, because I get to be with and visit with my cousin, Maria. She's an amazing statistician and goes to Cal Poly. I love her. We have been lifelong friends, since her birth basically. So that is going to be a very fulfilling "find yourself when you're somewhere else" trip. I just know it. Perhaps Austin will be that same kind of trip. To top of the excitement, too!! Is upon my return my friend Mac will be back in Colorado from Alaska! He's going to be studying to become a park ranger. I really adore him. Right now he is traveling south through Canada in a red and white VW bus, he should be back to Colorado by Saturday. So that's all for now, and the party, well, you're going to have to reference Jessie's fantasically lucky blog for that. I'm relying on her for the synopsis for the time being. Cheers!

Much love, as always.

Current book I'm reading:The Alchemist, given to me to read by Wynne.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Movin' on!

I'm officially moved out of Boulder! That is why I haven't posted lately, being so busy with packing and cleaning the house up.

In other news, our final shabangish party was great!! I promise I will post something big soon on the final "Bare (Naked) House Party" that Carrie and I had in our somewhat bare naked house. Love!!!

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Monday, August 08, 2005

I heart Kirk and Kendell!

Kirk and Kendell (2)
Kirk rules, Kendell drinks
Yesterday evening, Kendell put on a surprise birthday party for Kirk! It went without a hitch and was definitely a party to remember. The ecletic mix of Kirk's friends, the 90 Pabst blue ribbons, the confetti cake complete with decorations by Kendell reading "Kirk is Gay" and "We love Kirk" were quite amazing. What more could you expect from an amazing woman like Kendell though, right? I mean really! I love her!!

Kendell cleaned out her entire apartment this past weekend in preparation for moving out of Boulder and for the party. It was bare except for party hats and party decorations. We partied in her soon to be vacant apartment...among other places.
Kendell's neighbors proved to be very accommodating, as did the roof of the Fox Theater. Many of the partiers ventured illegally to the roof of the Fox Theater via a "secret" route formulated by the birthday boy, Kirk. Atop the theater's roof, Toshi, Caitlin, Nate, Kirk, Lucas, VINCENT, Carrie, and I gazed at the beautifully black Boulder night sky. We were treated to a gorgeous meteor shower that seemed to falling upon us as well. I could not help feeling a vast sense of purpose and meaning when watching several meteors blow across the sky, while sipping on a Pabst and laying on the roof ot he Fox theater. It was divine. Toshi, the awesome chap that I'm pictured with below was the first to inform me of the Perseid meteor shower that is happening this month. It is one of the major and most brilliant meteor showers that we can see here from Earth, and it amazed me.

The Tosh and Mercedes at Kirk's Party
Toshi and I

Click the dark pink links below for more info on the Perseid meteor shower, and other showers. Yes, you need them!
and here
and finally here!

Click here for more pictures from the SURPRISE KIRK PARTY! Gracias, Carrie!

Vincent and Mercedes at Kirk's Surprise Party
Vincent and I at the par-tay.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Escaping Boulder: Can you live in Non-existence?

Such is life
"Oh, you had some good times" ~Vincent C. Yes, we did. College was great. It sounds so weird to say that in past-tense, but it truly was. So many memories, I do not know if my mind can hold them all for as long as I'd like it to.

Such is life. This is all going to end soon. This kind of life of college themed prom cocktail 80s parties, going out til 5, 6, 7 am, 'till the sun comes up, sneaking into swimming pools, doing dirty things in people's back yards, drinking beer at 2pm, cooking breakfast at midnight, running through the streets in the rain, staring at each other in the dark, night hiking in the moonlight, freeloading, dancing next to cars with the music blaring, etc. And I think I'm finally ready for it to stop. Since I've lately been talking to some my good friends who are also moving on with their lives, I have begun to feel better about my coming decisions. I now have stopped feeling guilty for escaping Boulder and I have started feeling excited for the job-changes and life-changes to come! "Escaping Boulder" really sounds like a play or a movie title, doesn't it? There are so many implications behind that phrase. "Is it symbolic, Mercedes?" ~Kendell K. No, not really. But it implies that Boulder is a place where one can only stay for a short period of time. It implies that Boulder gets worn out but at the same time Boulder holds onto you and forces you to have to escape it, run away quickly so you don't look back too many times. It is like Jessie says "[y]ou can't live in non existence." Can you escape non-existence, though? My lease is ending on August 12. And with that end goes my existence in Boulder. I am going to be forced to escape something I love. Again, my mind is running into one of those "open contradictions." And is that a blunder or what? Is it possible to escape something you love? I'm going to try, even if it takes all the theory that is still locked up there in my brain for me to do it. Anyone ready to help me out? I wish I could tell you how much I could use that help.

Read Hughes, his poem goes along with this post

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Final thought: Warm weather kicks my butt, but I love it.
I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.