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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OLD POST! It is a post that I never published before leaving Colorado. The morning I wrote this, over a month ago, was great. A hilariously awkward thing happened to me. My grandpa stopped by my parent's house, where I WAS staying and I had just woken up. Oftentimes, I sleep with no pants on. And that morning was one of those times. My grandpa politely and gentlemanly pretended not to have seen anything after I had my pants on and he proceeded to have a great conversation, a cup of tea with me, and cucumber sandwiches. Yes, cucumber sandwiches. I made them. He's Italian, I know it's weird. But we made wine a few weeks later. I'll post pictures.

I think I might be running myself off the wall. This past weekend, though I gave myself a break from all the packing, organizing, stressing, worrying, etc. I hiked up mount Evans and got a new view on the world and how small I really am in it. The previous day I hiked up South Boulder Peak and looked down at Boulder to the east and saw the compact buildings of Pearl Street and the University. I smiled. I looked off the other side of the Peak towards the Indian Peaks and Long's and I realized that Boulder was a good place for a while. But I'm ready to scat on out of here. I thought about change for a long time, and how I'm ready for it. Change really is something that is looming inside of me right now, and I have to check myself sometimes so that I don't think about it too much. When I do, the stress comes pouring on again. I'm back at it. The stressing that is. I feel like there is no possible way to update everyone on the goings on of the past few weeks. I think that this is supposed to be a good thing in some people's points of view, but it is hard not to be able to talk to very many people above life. So, knowing this, and knowing me, try to call me next week when I get back from my short jaunt of a trip to Steamboat Springs. Anybody know of any good hikes up there in Steamboat? I plan on going to Strawberry Fields hot springs (NAKED) because that will be a blast or relaxing fun. Also tubing down the river over there will be great.

Newsflash for me: I just sent over 70% of my wardrobe away to the place that I am going. That is scary. It adds permanence and reality to my move. Yes, for all of you that I have neglected to tell because I'm so worried about reactions: I'm moving.

Current book I'm reading: Don't remember. Probably Tale of Two Cities.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shameless Advertising

One of the schnazziest stores in Denver, Pod - Independent culture for independent people is having a huge sale this Friday and Saturday. (The 9th and the 10th). You might find me there scoping out the rad speciality-made clothes or the funky, bright furniture. If I don't go hike one of the big mountains this Saturday, you might find me at this store in the morning, scoping out the digs.
Check out the store if you get a tick!

Current book I'm reading: Tale of Two Cities by Dickens
Current song stuck in my head: "Do you Like What you See?" by Madison Avenue

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kendell, are we Chimpanzees!? Yes, I think am almost a CHIMP!

According to an article in "news@nature.com" the full "Chimp Genome--and First Fossils--[are] Unveiled"! 67 scientists worked to map out the entire genome of a chimp by the name of Clint in Atlanta Georgia. And they just finished that endeavor. Interestingly enough, they found that "1.2 percent of the genomes are different, which agrees with past estimations that chimps and humans share upwards of 98.5 percent of their DNA." This is actually what has been thought for years, that we are so CLOSE to chimpanzees. In fact, though, according to the scientist's research, we may be even further away, "they found an additional 2.7 percent different between [the] genetic blueprints." Eventually, this interesting research will help us understand why we as humans get so many fatal diseases like cancer whereas chimpanzees do not often experience these diseases.
Read the article by clicking here for more information.

Current book I'm reading: Tale of Two Cities by Dickens
Current song stuck in my head: "Vamos a Bailar" by the Gipsy Kings
Current posts in the works: The same ones. Yes, the BIG Austin post is taking a long time!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Locks of Love (Lucky Love!)

SURPRISE!!! Mercedes did something random!! I was not even planning on cutting my hair yesterday and I pulled quick one and did it yesterday afternoon with my mom.

(Keisha was mad I didn't tell her I was doing it beforehand)
(Others have responded quite positively! YAY!)

and it was GONE like the breeze!

I cut off 10 inches of my hair in order to donate my ponytail to an organization called Locks of Love. Check them out at www.locksoflove.org ! They are a great not-for-profit organization. And think about donating! It is just hair! And if you have it, why not give it to someone who needs it more than you do? Cutting if off was such a liberating experience. To get rid of all that excess hair that I don't need was so nice! I went swimming shortly after I cut it and it was so convenient and great. Long hair is such a bore! It is time for the re-vamped Mercedes to come on out. (She's coming, thank goodness!)
I will try to get pictures posted soon so you guys can see before/after pictures of my hair "boring Boulder long" and my hair "funky fresh."

Current book I'm reading: Alchemist.
current song stuck in my head: Badly Drawn Boy's entire first CD
Current Posts in the works: "You Know You've Lived Somewhere Too Long When..." And "The Big Austin Post!"
I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.