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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kendell, are we Chimpanzees!? Yes, I think am almost a CHIMP!

According to an article in "news@nature.com" the full "Chimp Genome--and First Fossils--[are] Unveiled"! 67 scientists worked to map out the entire genome of a chimp by the name of Clint in Atlanta Georgia. And they just finished that endeavor. Interestingly enough, they found that "1.2 percent of the genomes are different, which agrees with past estimations that chimps and humans share upwards of 98.5 percent of their DNA." This is actually what has been thought for years, that we are so CLOSE to chimpanzees. In fact, though, according to the scientist's research, we may be even further away, "they found an additional 2.7 percent different between [the] genetic blueprints." Eventually, this interesting research will help us understand why we as humans get so many fatal diseases like cancer whereas chimpanzees do not often experience these diseases.
Read the article by clicking here for more information.

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