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Monday, August 08, 2005

I heart Kirk and Kendell!

Kirk and Kendell (2)
Kirk rules, Kendell drinks
Yesterday evening, Kendell put on a surprise birthday party for Kirk! It went without a hitch and was definitely a party to remember. The ecletic mix of Kirk's friends, the 90 Pabst blue ribbons, the confetti cake complete with decorations by Kendell reading "Kirk is Gay" and "We love Kirk" were quite amazing. What more could you expect from an amazing woman like Kendell though, right? I mean really! I love her!!

Kendell cleaned out her entire apartment this past weekend in preparation for moving out of Boulder and for the party. It was bare except for party hats and party decorations. We partied in her soon to be vacant apartment...among other places.
Kendell's neighbors proved to be very accommodating, as did the roof of the Fox Theater. Many of the partiers ventured illegally to the roof of the Fox Theater via a "secret" route formulated by the birthday boy, Kirk. Atop the theater's roof, Toshi, Caitlin, Nate, Kirk, Lucas, VINCENT, Carrie, and I gazed at the beautifully black Boulder night sky. We were treated to a gorgeous meteor shower that seemed to falling upon us as well. I could not help feeling a vast sense of purpose and meaning when watching several meteors blow across the sky, while sipping on a Pabst and laying on the roof ot he Fox theater. It was divine. Toshi, the awesome chap that I'm pictured with below was the first to inform me of the Perseid meteor shower that is happening this month. It is one of the major and most brilliant meteor showers that we can see here from Earth, and it amazed me.

The Tosh and Mercedes at Kirk's Party
Toshi and I

Click the dark pink links below for more info on the Perseid meteor shower, and other showers. Yes, you need them!
and here
and finally here!

Click here for more pictures from the SURPRISE KIRK PARTY! Gracias, Carrie!

Vincent and Mercedes at Kirk's Surprise Party
Vincent and I at the par-tay.


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