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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is this art? New Orleans folk seem to think so...

I find it very interesting that some of Todd Goldman's pieces are selling for 2 million a piece in a gallery in New Orleans. He is a recently popular "pop artist" that I've been hearing buzz about for some time. Both my parents and Keisha were not really impressed when they visited his gallery in New Orleans.
Even though I was initially attracted to this particular piece because of the great title (Boys Are Stupid, Thorw Rocks At Them), I had a hard time appreciating it. Take a look at his work. What is your opinion? What constitutes art? Check out some of this work on art.com and leave a comment...

*** Added Note: It is obscene of me to talk about New Orleans and not mention the devastation by flooding and the recent horrible weather their old city has experienced. Maybe one day, according to a crazy close friend of mine, we will be able to control weather distasters like this one, but until then, my thoughts are with all of the people who are down south there in New Orleans.

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  • At 9:40 PM, August 30, 2005, Blogger Andrew said…

    his work is not art... i mean i guess it is (arranging rocks is art) but it's not good art.

  • At 11:54 PM, August 30, 2005, Blogger Carrie Lorraine said…

    art is in the eye of the beholder. some may say that it's art I personally dont see why it's not art but can see why people would say it's not.. I agree if it is art it isnt "good art" but if it is art also who are we to judge another persons form of expression... Is the guy that puked up paint more of an artist than Todd or more than me since I've painted things and can kind of draw on occasions. It's about personal expression. PERSONAL EXPRESSION... Poetry is the same in my opinion because someone (even me) could write a poem that doesn't make sense at all to someone else but yet it is still a poem is it not?

    PS love the post MEO


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