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Friday, April 29, 2005

For the love of good friends!

For the love of good friends!, originally uploaded by Bee-Butt.

For the love of blogging and for the love of friends, I decided to post this candid photograph. One of 69 very sweet photos that we took, to be precise. This photo is one that constituted a 2 hour long photo shoot with four gorgeous women. A blond, a brunette, a red-head and a dark haired diva to be exact. And no, we were not trying to sounde so hokey-pokey-jokey like that,at least originally we weren't trying to. Needless to say, it was a fun night that started out with zen meditation and ended with some extremely incriminating and extremely sexy photos. I never realized fully how fun it could be with all women!
Please see Carrie's blog for more pictures and details!
Oh yes, and life has been fine! The other night I had the priviledge of hearing Tirzah, Carrie and Jessie participate in a beautiful concert. They sang well! And I'm excited for graduation! The planning of graduation truly was a chore, but I think the tediousness of it is finally over after the last meeting of the Women's Studies Student Advisory Board (WSSAB). So, the final of my final exams are pending, and the papers are looming, but truth is nothing compares to the thesis. So I know I can make it through this, THIS is just the end of a semester! I'm invincible, but not in a creepy Micheal Jackson way, in a Mercedes way. Or maybe, a Mercadero way, as a good friend of mine called me the other day.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Thelma and Louise LIVE ON!

Thelma: "You said you an' me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cuz my hair is comin' down!"

[With a cliff in front of them and cops behind them]
Thelma: "OK, then listen, let's not get caught."
Louise Sawyer: "What're you talking about?"
Thelma: "Let's keep going."
Louise Sawyer: "What do you mean?"
Thelma: "Go."
Louise Sawyer: "You sure?"
Thelma: "Yeah, yeah. Let's."

Saturday, April 23, 2005

So a red-head walks into a bar, right....


Mercedes, the brunette

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Summer plans! REMINDER: STAY CALM!!!!!


Stay calm, view the link above, and think loudly and proudly "we're almost there!" Repeat. Repeat again for good measure and an added dose of traquility. "Breaaaaathe!" as my yoga teacher, Mahmoud always says. Yes, he says it with drawn out Indian syllables and accents, and it is great.
Oh, there is so much to look forward to this summer, and past graduation. Its quite overwhelming that graduation, and my 22nd birthday is something like 16 days away! Kendell and I figured that out last night. Among other things, like the only difference between animals and humans is humans have an idea of their mortality and that virginity should not be a word or a concept in this world.

Things in the works so far this summer*:

1.) Solid plans for a road trip to Yellowstone and Montana for some major hiking and major geological exploration and buffaloe watching!! With Molly and Carrie around
2.) Solid plans for Miami, FL for the National Women's Studies Association annual meeting! From June 8-12
3.) Tentative Telluride, CO plans during the month of June or Mid-May.
4.) Mega-huge camping extravaganza in the works...yes, you're invited!
5.) Jessie K's graduation dinner, May 7?
6.) Jessica Kovat's Civils and Savages Party celebrating thesis finales on May 24
7.) Amy Mann's graduation party, May 6
8.) Andre Lay's graduation party, May 6 as well.

*If you have a party, an announcement, or traveling plans that you included me in, and I have neglected to list them, please let me know or remind me about them!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Baseball season is here!

Today, my father randomly called me while I was relaxing in the hot hot heat of Boulder, Colorado. I was basking in the sun up at Chautauqua. He asked me if I was busy tonight because he had something cookin' for me. Subsequently, he called me back, and gave me 2 tickets to the Rockies/Diamondbacks baseball game tonight at Coors Field!
I am thinking that someday I'd like to do a ballpark tour of the most beautiful ballparks in the US. I've already had the privilege of visiting Wrigley Field in Chicago and Oriole stadium and Safeco Field in Seattle. I think that's it, but the list will grow, I hope.

The game tonight, was eventful, but the Rockies lost. My delightful companion, Jessie, and I made the most of the excursion, no doubt about it. We had fabulous conversation, we had an venturesome drive there and back, and we gawked at the numerous, ever-present, inches away cute baseball player butts that were right in front of us! We were in row 18 right behind home plate! Thank you DADA! I love you so!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Down the drain we all go...

This is not how I feel at all, wait, maybe, sometimes

Life is eventful but I am not happy.

PS...its SOMEONE's birthday today, but I don't know whose. Seems like they might be anonymous. So happy to them!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

With thesis scupture on wall in background

Yes, ya'll I finally partied and celebrated the end of my undergraduate thesis work! "Strange!" you might exclaim as you look at the above picture, "it looks like Mercedes is WEARING rough drafts of her thesis as a dress and cape" In that exclaimation, you would in fact be quite correct! A+ to you! And many thanks to all of the people who contributed minorly and majorly to my completion of this consuming monstrosity of a project. Your words of encouragement, gifts and music truly did it for me. Your love makes me cry!!! And thanks, of course to the people who contributed to the making of this dress...namely Jessie K, Carrie, and the good ol' Nan Goodman who marked up these rough drafts that I'm sporting here.
Perhaps now it may be needless to say, that the party was a sucess...I had a blast and the whole event was extremely cathartic. I treasure all of the people who graciously brought gifts and words of congratulations to me. It was quite overwhelming, like a birthday but even more complimentary!!! Thank you all!!

I love Jessie K

I love Jessie K, originally uploaded by Bee-Butt.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Last Exit at Club 156

Last Exit at Club 156, originally uploaded by Bee-Butt.

Temporary singer, Chris belts out some lyrics with Last Exit, last night! WOOHOO!!

Greg, of the local band LAST EXIT may be small but he can make some NOISE!!!!

Last Exit got second place at the battle of the bands last night!! Congrats to them and the rest of the bands that played some very creative and different music.

Quote from Greg, the drummer...pictured above...wow is all I have to say to THIS:

"If you have had a yearning to watch a man beat it, come to club 156 in the UMC on Friday night and i'll put on a show for ya!" ~Greg J. in his AIM profile. Also, pictures used with permission, courtesy of Carrie L. Adams!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

cantankerously colored curiously clad centipede

Need a boost? Try coloring! It worked for me at www.coloring.com! It will not fail! Despite some unfortunate events that occured last night, I am still on this high on life. I think I must contribute much of it to the sunshine, to coloring online, to friends, to food, and to music. Despite everything, the sun is setting on a beautiful day, folks. Because the thesis is PERFECT (take that, Nan Goodman), the friends are around, and mannequin makeout is playing yet again in Denver. Who's ready for the festivities of the night? I am!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Murder will out, this my conclusion.

Attribute that quote to the great, and classic Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?-1400) a British poet in a Nun's priests Tale.

So, officially as of 4:10 pm MST yesterday, I have completed my English Literature Honors thesis. My thesis defense began at the harrowing hour of 3pm, where if you were near me you'd find me pacing, heels clicking mechanically up and down a hall in front of the room that will forever be infamous for me: chemistry 146. I entered this seminar room and, at the prompting of my thesis advisor (the brilliant Nan Goodman) I sat at the head of the table. Other members of my committee were the illustrious and complimentary Emma PĂ©rez and the favorite, Anne Marie Pois. The defense was quite possibly the most intense hour of my life to date. More nerve wracking and difficult than any interview or examination, I did make it through unscathed. I fielded questions about my research method, the theory that I chose to analyze the literature with, the theory that I didn't choose, the autobiographies I used in my analysis ( #1, #2 and #3 ), the autobiographies I didn't use, my method, my reasoning, the implications of my thesis among many other things. My mouth was dry from talking so much and nerves 10 minutes into this very official defense. My advisors, needless to say, were unforgiving.

Ah, my first dry yet luscious taste of academia at its very best. Quite possibly the most gratifying thing I have ever done. It is so sweet. I can almost taste the sweetness of graduation quickly approaching now. I welcome graduation now that I have completed my largest, most looming goal of my undergraduate career. I have completed it, and graduation is no longer unwelcome, I'm ready for it to come on now with no regrets. I can not tell you how fabulous this feels.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Flaming hot candles nightmares waxing like the moon, I swoon at...

some flaming lips oh i wish i was kidding when i am dreaming in this moment of a certain someone standing tall on a rainy wet street with me on the tip toes of my feet...

Her name is Yoshimi - she's a black belt in karate
Working for the city - she has to discipline her body -
Cause she knows that it's demanding to defeat these
Evil machines - I know she can beat them -

Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots defeat me
Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots eat me

Those evil natured robots - they're programmed to
Destroy us - She's gotta be strong to fight them -
So she's taking lots of vitamins - cause she knows that
It'd be tragic if those evil robots win - I know
She can beat them -

tonight i danced wildly and soberly to the flaming lips with 2 stoned people and 2 utterly sober people it was pretty darn effing fun to be the one not on the couch laughin at the craziness. gracious, not using punctuation, or rather, capitalization is hard for me.

i like you too, please forgive me for being weird tonight. i guess hanging out with high scottie cozen, the amazing dancer really hit me somewhere special in the brain.

maybe it was the 60s infused mannquin makeout show that i enjoyed this saturday with kendell, lindsey, toshi and many other great hairstyles with lots of hairspray and tight jeans and sweet tube top dresses. drinking newcastle and guiness in the back of kendell's car, wow. hearing toshi say, at lindsey's prompting: "tosh-master in the car" was quite great. he is quite great, and free, and a dancer, even better.

final thought: kinko's is going to have my thesis bound, laminated front page and black back page tomorrow at 9 am! yay! kinky love sauce with cherries emmmmmmmm...

ps i like robots.

click here for hot wild peace and loving on april 29 xxxxxxx woohoo!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Do you need a needle and thread? Cuz you're ripped!" ~Erik Christensen

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am FINISHED with my THESIS! And it made me look like THIS!! As a result of finishing
"such an academic achievement" I have grown gigantic biceps. Its from the typing.
In all seriousness. It is done, fin, finished!
Many thanks to the exclusive music, endless supply of chocolate, and consideration from friends of mine like Jeff, Carrie, and JESSIE K, Marci Adams, and Tirzah explicity, I am now finished with my thesis. Thanks also, to the tiger power bars that my aunt, the caterer gave me which sustained me long into the nights...and thanks to Starbucks, Buchanan's, Penny Lane, Espresso Roma and Wild Oats for allowing me to revise and revise and revise my drafts for hours on end in their coffee shops. Thanks for the caffeine addiction, too, guys! Thanks also to my mom and dad for their undying and sometimes overwhelming support. 70 Pages, ya'll!
I can not believe I made it.

And now, an excerpt from my brilliant material, from the conclusion of my thesis, on lesbian autobiography and myth: "It is a celebration of difference, an embracing of love, a bold statement of sexuality and a powerful statement of the lesbian self that serve and sustain not only lesbians, but straight women like myself. Reading and analysing work like this teaches us how the long process of subversion occurs and it teaches us how we can overcome any oppressor or any stagnant literary figure. We can overcome anything." ~Mercedes Elizabeth Orten

I am a marathoner. That means I have a tummy that could sieze a spider.